Saturday, 30 November 2013

The temporary, temporary studio

We have a had a fair amount of rain this week, and as a consequence my temporary studio (see previous post) is now awash. Not only are the walls wet but there appears to be a river running through the middle of the room. (Well slight exaggeration but you get the idea). So while I wait for it to dry and/or Spring, I have temporarily taken over a spare room in which to paint. Actually it's a nice place to be with the doors open onto the balcony. Mum and the kids will be over in a couple of weeks so all my paints will have to be moved again. No worries.

Some surprised fish in my sketch book.

A couple of the driftwood boards I have been working on, just to get back into the habit of painting. Varnished and with little hanging rings on the back. These will go into my Etsy shop shortly.

There's a storm a comin'. A cyclone is on it's way from Libya apparently. Oh Joy.

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