Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Songs of uncertainty

My chosen tradition of Zen loves uncertainty: For meditation practice, the three virtues are great faith, great perseverance, and great doubt. Here's a modern expression of this great doubt: When asked What is Zen?, the teacher Suzuki Shunryu replied, "I can sum it up in two words: Not always so."  ( Taken from Awakened Life )

Some nice pieces of wood have been washed into the bay recently. Old doors and bits of boat. All with remnants of paint bashed and weathered by the sea. I have to live with these pieces for a while, until an idea comes. I don't like to paint over the existing colour too much, utilizing it where I can. The blue on these first couple has a muddy look to it, which looks like a stormy sky. The bare wood resembles the salt pans here on Gozo. The seagull is a little bit of artistic licence as I have only seen four since I have been here ! 

I have incorporated some calligraphy, my songs of uncertainty.

The wild flowers and dried seed heads are everywhere and I wanted to mention them in my painting rather than a detailed depiction. Hence the stylised shapes.

Look what the storm brought in !

There are numerous palm trees in Xlendi which shed their bark all over the road. I'm going to try and paint on them....

Making a start on the terraced hills.... More uncertainty.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Trust the process

A few more journal sketches. Doors are so lovely to draw, ( these are very quick ten min. scribbles) I love the wrought iron arched windows above the doors. I'm not sure of the history behind them. Obviously, to let some light in, but I'm not sure why the infinite variety of decoration. Anyway they are very pretty.

The countryside is lush right now. The rain has really brought on the growth. There is wild rocket growing in abundance and other pretty yellow flowers edge the path. I understand April is the month to visit for a display of wild colour. I shall look forward to that.
I have been thinking how to capture the individual plants without a painting looking like a botanical print.

A few sketches in a naive style seem to fit the bill, so I shall try a couple of paintings along this theme.

Espradrilles  on 13th Jan can't be bad !

I have been revisiting some work done in Essex. The colours are so muted, lovely and beautiful in their own khaki way. 

so different to here. I'm very much trusting the process as far as finding my arty feet here on Gozo. I spend much time sketching and scribbling in the hope it will all come together ! I haven't felt brave enough to start on a canvas yet ....

Trusting the process is explained quite nicely HERE