Sunday, 10 November 2013

So far so good !

The journey was exhausting but finally arrived at the house at 1am last Saturday. The dogs were pretty fed up having not had a proper walk for days and Captain Pugwash was in dire need of a beer. Still, even in the dark I could see from outside, the house had a lot of promise. An early 18 hundreds stone town house on three floors' balconies and a couple of large roof terraces overlooking the bay. Perfect. With all the family coming out in December it was fun choosing where everyone would sleep. Some rearranging of beds and it would do just fine.
The following day was spent negotiating the capital Victoria (Rabbat). Not a very big town by UK standards but the streets are a maze. It was soon clear that the sat nav had not really got a grasp of the one way system and that getting my bearings would take a little while.
The house is classed as 'furnished' but not with anything I would want or need, it would be nice to get all my belongings over here.

So, a week on and I am getting to know my immediate surroundings a little better. The best walks, where the best food shops are, the best bars, when the buses run etc etc. I found a bike shop tucked down an ally way and will go back on Monday to buy a bike, bigger saddle ;0) and shopping basket inc the price. Then free wheel all the way back to Xlendi down the very steep hills. Whether I manage to cycle out of the bay again is debatable.

I haven't yet had much time to consider painting but there is a great space up on the roof terrace for a studio. Sorting that out in the next couple of weeks will be a priority. It's all whitewashed but needs a table and chair, shelving  etc. 
Happy snaps as I wandered around Victoria's pretty streets.
So far so good.


  1. Fantastico! you have arrived! Happy days in your new home, Sarah. Lottie xxx

  2. Good luck, looks fab, more pix please. Alex

  3. Thanks to you both. I am loving being so close go the sea and in the warm ! Tho big storm due this week. Happy days x