Thursday, 20 August 2015

Self publishing and wet Wales

Whilst investigating self publishing I came accross this charming book featuring the work of Sid Burnard. A sculptor living in Borth - West Wales - a place I used to spend a lot of time as a child. Coincidentally he is married to a second cousin of mine, who I have never met ! I love Sid's use of driftwood and how he can turn not very inspiring peices of flotsom into something truly lovely and often whimsical. 
The photographs are particularly lovely and reminiscent of fabulous holidays spent wrapped in blankets, sheltering  in the dunes on a windy Welsh summer's day. 
You can also watch a video of Sid on youtube.... here
A wonderful story of how to use your eyes and see creative potential in everything. Nice. Very inspiring. 

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Where am I going ?

This question was posed by one of the posts in my blog list (left hand bar),
Good question. Does it matter that I don't know right now ?
My days generally start with an early morning dog walk, If I have anything pressing to be done in the day I like to get it done first thing. The rest of the day is dominated by moving my painting or creative work forward. The day usually culminates in more dog walking or swimming and a catch up with friends. That's it.
I try not to plan too much and like to allow the day to sort itself out, itself. My life to sort itself out. It usually does.

So here we go, a morning of playing arounsd with glazes.

Out to sea

Xwejni bay

Looking to Libya

Under Xlendi Tower

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Chicken memories

Santa Marija, mama mia !    For two weeks in August the whole of Malta is on holiday, 90% (slight exaggeration but you get my drift) of them come to Gozo for the biggest festa of the year. Two weeks of fireworks and celaebration culminates in this weekend. The highlight for me is a small agricultural show. Not quite the Royal Suffolk but a pretty good turn out of all the local breeders and jam makers.
I used to love the shows in the UK, the kids were always very excited about the unusual animals and birds on show. We usually found something to take home. As a result we had many chickens, ducks, ferrets etc on the farm. It was  joy this morning to kind of relive that. My daughter used to keep a diary of the many chickens we had, she called it 'Chicken memories' and it was full of their unusual names, feathers, photos and descriptions. Joy.

 Held in the Villa Rundel gardens in Victoria.

There were prizes for the best jams, fruit, veg, basket making, wine making, traditional tools and all the things you would expect a farming community to produce. There was also an art exhibition with paintings on many different subjects. 
These two caught my eye, first and second prize in what I can only think must be the 'Weird subject matter' category !!

Lots of livestock competitions and much disputing over the prize winners. 
All good fun. 

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Day one

Starting a new series of mixed media paintings. Starting with random layering tissue and newsprint and putting down layers of paint.

Rough shapes.

End of the first day.  Quite happy with the way this is going. Tomorrow when these layers are properly dry, I can start lightening it all up so that the whole painting is very pale in colour.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Back to some mixed media

Getting back into some mixed media by trying out some ideas in my journal. A morning spent gathering skyline info and rock formation, to use as subject matter for some new work.

Monday, 3 August 2015

People who knew

More moon inspired journal pages.
Interesting symbolism in this first one. Hmmm !

Friday, 31 July 2015

Rare indeed

It's a rare blue moon tonight, an auspicious occasion. The image below is from my journal, worked on this morning. What will the blue moon bring for you ?

The golden rays of the moon light up the people adrift in the boat. A symbolic crane, protector from evil, stands on the words, 'expect someone to answer, open the door right away'.  Once in a blue moon !

The article below was taken from

On Friday, July 31st we will have a Full Blue Moon in the sign of Aquarius.

A blue moon is the term for the second full moon in the same month. The first full moon of the month was in Capricorn on July 1st, and now we are saying good-bye to this month of change with a special blue moon.
These full moons have been the bookends to the important lessons learned over the past month.
One of the most special aspects of this moon is that we won’t have another blue moon month until 2018. For many of us, we will be receiving our last bits of a long awaited wake-up call that actually began back in 2012, far before most of us were aware of the changes that were developing.
The energies of this moon are only being magnified by Venus turning retrograde on the 25th, which is just one of seven planets slowing and turning retrograde the week prior to this lunar event.
This cosmic event is unprecedented—it’s truly a month of transitions.
The skies have collided to physically slow all of us down. It seems that it is so easy for most of us to get caught up in our daily lives that we often feel we can push aside issues or decisions because it seems like there will always be more time—more chances.
This moon we are being asked to stop, look around and to see the bigger picture.
We are being asked to notice where in our lives we have been neglecting the truth, or what situations we have been putting off. It’s not easy to deal with life head on—but this moon isn’t only encouraging it, it is making it a requirement.
There is so much happening around this moon in terms of once-in-a-lifetime type chances. It’s as if we are all on the edge of something so big and we have to make the decision to take the path we’ve always taken—or to jump into the territory of new possibilities.
Because of Venus, the planet of love, going retrograde a week prior to this moon, there will be a heavy connection to romantic relationships. This isn’t about just any sort of love though—it’s about the kind of love that comes around only once in a blue moon.
The full moon will be shining a decadent light of truth deep within our hearts.
This will give us the opportunity to get  a good grasp on what is in our heart of hearts—if we don’t have our soulmate or twin flame as our lover, then there is a good chance we are aware of who they are, or may start to recognize them around this time.
Sometimes the most wonderful aspects of our lives can be the most terrifying—and that is okay, no one ever said greatness and easiness were one and the same. The thing we all have to remember, though, is that if it doesn’t scare us even a little bit, then it lacks the ability to be that once in a lifetime opportunity to change our lives for the better.
Nothing amazing ever comes from us staying in our comfort zones.
This is about opening our eyes to what is right in front of us—and knowing that some chances don’t come around every day.
Sometimes situations come down to now or never—this blue moon is showing us exactly what we are afraid of losing the most, and it’s challenging us to make the big moves necessary now.
While it is true that those people that are meant for us, that they won’t ever leave us—sometimes humans make the wrong decisions. We make choices based on fear, or try to do what we think is right instead of listening to our hearts.
It seems that so many of us the past few years have been making as many wrong decisions as possible, and while it has seemed difficult, and even painful at times—know that it was necessary, and all part of the divine plan.
Sometimes we really do need to experience everything that is wrong to know what is right.
As amazing as this moon will be, and necessary—it’s going to be one that challenges us on every single level. In the build up to this lunar event we may have been feeling restless, or have had an excess of nervous energy. Our pulses may have been racing, and it may have been harder for us to relax or fall asleep at night.
Our souls can sense that we are on the verge of something big—but it’s up to us to initiate change.
We are on the threshold of having massive pieces of the puzzle collide. There may be big changes or upsets in the status quo during the next several weeks. We may find ourselves acting in ways that only a few weeks ago we never thought possible, but Aquarius is lighting a fire inside of our hearts and daring us to break the boundaries that have held us back for far too long.
We can only deny ourselves of what we want the most for so long.
While we may feel anxious at all of the possible changes being presented to ourselves—know that the universe won’t bring us anything we aren’t ready for.
The truth of it is there is no such thing as the perfect time—so now is as good a time as any.
Everything that we have been going through the past year has been leading up to this moon. It’s the time of infinite possibilities, of desires bubbling over and manifesting themselves in our lives in ways we never thought possible.
No matter what has come in or out of our lives in the past few years, once in a while we are given the chance to have everything we’ve always wanted—we just have to make the choice now to not let it go.
Because certain chances only come around once in a blue moon.