Monday, 25 November 2013


A few pictures of a new dog walk and a drive around exploring the north of the island. This spot by the salt pans really gives a feel of being on a very small island in the middle of a very big deep sea. The top end of the island is much more rural and agricultural than the south. I even saw a sparrow hawk and heard a buzzard ! It's a wonder, considering that shooting very small birds seems to be a national pastime. Have yet to see a sea gull :0(
The 'unmade up' roads are certainly that, as tarmac abruptly ends giving way to a serious lack of road, as if they just ran out of money...extraordinary.
Just before return to the hub, a nice looking bar beckoned. A beer and a lump of Maltese bread rubbed with tomato and tuna broke the journey. Sitting in the sun on a late November day can't be all bad. I say journey loosely as it is only 4 miles home but has taken about an hour. *thinks* this would be a nice place to bring the family out for lunch, until that is, the Dutch proprietor bored the pants off me with his tales of woe of living many years on Gozo. One wonders why he is still here then !

Oh, and spot the tree....

The hub !

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