Sunday, 24 November 2013

At the risk of repeating myself

Well another week has flown by and I am still in exploring mode. My age is beginning to show as the creaky knees are beginning to ache at the arduous, almost daily, cycle up to Victoria. It's only 2km but feels like 10 on the 1 in 3 incline. The next 'village' along is Fontana, barely distinguishable from Victoria proper, except for the water fountains on the side of the road. Originally, I think, for watering animals and clothes washing. It's the point where I have to give up and dismount, pushing Flosie  (the bike) up the next bit. Anyway the steep hill out of Xlendi is worth the sweat. Once in Victoria the winding back streets of the city are a joy.

My walks prove fruitful driftwood collecting outings. Old pallets seem to litter the beaches and hill sides. I now have a fair few to start work on. The store room under the house would be the perfect studio/gallery space if it wasn't so damp ! I think I shall call it the green room, due to the water induced green walls ! Nevertheless it houses my bike and while the gales are still pounding the house will suffice as a draft free painting room too.

Flosie, trusty steed !

A makeshift table utilising bits left by the builders, works quite well by the door.

 Bits of driftwood ready to to work on...and away I go. Following some previous design ideas, I set to work, just to get back into the swing.

 Being close to the road, with the doors opens, has already attracted some interest from passers by !

The storms last night have washed a fair bit of flotsam and jetsam up into the bay. and a wonderful looking blue door has been sloshing t's way in and out of the bay all morning. I tried to wade into the surf to reach it , but sadly the big waves got the better of me and I had to retreat..soaked ! With a bit of luck it may find it's way onto the beach by tomorrow.

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