Monday, 18 November 2013

I need to paint !

There have been so many things to sort out since my arrival, not least getting a phone line and broadband set up ! All of that has taken my thinking away from painting and frankly I have have lost my creative mojo and need to get it back. I have seen local artists work and feel that if I am to make any sort of headway and sell artwork, it has to be different. The scenery is dramatic and colours are stunning but I need to think outside the box.

After a couple of days of torrential rain, where the road seems to just flow into the sea,

the sun came out and I was able to get out to take some photos to try and inspire some creativity.

I sat at the end of this quay for a while and watched the fish in the amazingly clear water. The edge of the quay against the green of the sea looked a little like the steep and rocky hillside above me. I took some photos with this in mind.

I have rotated a few photos so that the sea looks like the sky.

 There's an octopus in there somewhere, so well camouflaged I nearly missed it sneaking up on it's prey.

 Soooo, this afternoon I will experiment with some fairly abstract watercolours based on these photos and see how I get on. Will post them later.

My other great find today as I was cycling around the little streets of Victoria was the shop Organika , owned and run by Charlotte.  A lovely little Aladdin's cave of fair trade goods and French fabric scarves and tops. A real gem for Christmas pressies.

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