Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Windy city

The view accross the roof tops today is spectacular. The wind is mental today, apparently a force 9. Whatever it is I could hardly hold the camera and stand up straight. The Gozo channel ferry is having to take the longer route to Malta around the leeward side of Comino. This rarely happens even in the winter and it's a pretty choppy ride regardless. 

So tucked up safe and warm in my apartment, despite the doors rattling and my cow bells clanking I can carry on with some intuitive painting.
My coulour pallete is becoming more and more muted. I start with a vibrant base and mix of colours but then mostly cover them up. I guess this is a result of working in a white room. My studio 'space' is beginning to take over my living room !

Inspired by the peeling paint and dusty walls of the island I like to build many layers. I have used a shape taken from a door grille, For me it has a feel of looking through the grille in a harem gallery, mystery as to what lies behind the open door. The word 'love' in Farsi stands in the way.

I quite often work on a couple on canvases at the same time, the one below is just beginning to feel like something.

Nerve centre !

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