Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Hold ups

What do you see ?

 Raffi had a bit of a drama last week. He 'lost' the end of his tail. Too much vigorous wagging it seemed and he whacked it right off. Poor little chap had a fairly traumatic visit to a very nice new vet on the island. He took a few day to convalesce.... ! But is now all back to normal.

Pointless :0(

Working on a series of intuitive paintings using poems by Rumi and Hafiz as the inspiration and starting point. This is a start. Quite a big canvas 120cm x 70cm. I started in the usual way and put down about 4 layers of colour. Sticking to my usual pallette and eventually covering up with white. For the birds I used a stencil - drawn roughly and then cut out of paper- to get a fairly unirform shape but just representational. The faces represent the two sides of a story. The same but not the same. Set in a field of waving stems and leaves. I have sat with this one in this state for over a week now. Unusual for me with intuitive paintings. I usualy start and finish in one day. But I felt I needed to let this one speak to me a little before I carried on.

Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field. I'll meet you there.   - Rumi -

A brief sojourn by an artist to the island made a very welcome break in routine. I have become bogged down with trying to sort studio and gallery space. A few hurdles but I think I am finally back on track now. An upset in proceedings have held things up for a while. Anyway Piers' company was a very welcome interlude. He teaches a pre industrial method of casting bronze and you can read something about his work HERE . ... and if you fancy having a go his workshops are featured HERE
Anyway one of the many trips around the island led us down to Ramla bay with a couple of other friends and we scoured the beach for drift wood and the like. I found an african woman and a boat !
All jolly good fun.

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