Monday, 16 February 2015

Exhausted !

A great evening at Zeppi's in Qala that just about summed up a fantastic weekend of carnival. It started in the bar on Thursday eveing to celebrate a friend's birthday and went on pretty much non stop for four days. The Voodo Goorus played to a crowded venue whilst the carnival dancers prepared to put on a fantastic show in the square.

There were parades in the city during the days and much revelry on all through the night. The village of Nadur being the venue of choice for the die hards.
The costumes were impressive and it was obvious that the years' hard work for the makers did not go unnoticed.
A fantastic weekend and although the vast majority of visitors to the island have gone back to work there are still festivities going on. Well worth a visit next year if you are need of perking up in February but book early as every spare room on Gozo was taken. That's what I love about living here, the Gozitans know how to party !

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  1. Wonderful costumes Sarah! Thank you for sharing - so much beautiful colour and design. Robyn