Monday, 26 January 2015


Carnival in Malta and Gozo takes up five days before Lent. Traditionally this was the time to indulge and feast before sobering up for the 40-day fast which in Christian tradition preceded the Resurrection of Christ. Actually carne vale lieterally means no meat and marked the period when meat and other earthly pleasures could be enjoyed in a spree prior to the commencement of the term of Lenten penitence.
Valletta is the palce to watch processions on Malta and Victoria and Nadur, hold the biggest celebrations on Gozo. It is a time for everyone to make their weird and wonderful costumes and get out onto the streets to party before the start of lent. Many visitors make their way to the islands for these few days in Februaury and the place is alive with festivities. The weather is usually foul for carnival and all the scantilly clad children stand shivering in the rain putting on brave faces but not deterred. The 20 somethings tend to party well into the night as the famous Nadur grotesque carnival doesn't start until midnight, when all the weird and macbre figures come to life.
It's a joyous time and something quite special to see. Having made a day of the dead costume for halloween I may well dig that out again and join in the fun....if I can stay awake !

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