Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Ahha moment

I still haven't finished this piece, I seem to have writers block. I wanted it to embody all that went on with me last year, with snippets of events depicted in the leaves and other shapes. The bohdi tree symbolises the inter-connectedness of all of us and the Buddha (me) having an 'ahha' moment under it.  Too deep ??? lol never mind , go with the flow on this !

I was talking with a friend the otherday, whilst soaking up the winter sun in the bay, about goings on in our pasts that were perhaps significant in our development. She told me a story that spanned seven years of year life, involving a successful and flamboyant artist and herslf. The relationship was tumultuous and short lived but clearly changed her life. He treated her unkindly and she spent seven years following him around the Americas, always hoping that one day they could reconcile their differences. It was never to be and she finaly came to terms with the situation and moved on. Whilst she was giving a little background to his bizzarre life she mentioned that in his his youth he had lived as a buddhist monk. I was amazed at how someone clearly dedicated to a peacful way of life could turn into such an uncaring and hurtful human being....and asked the question.
My friend replied that karma was inherent in everything we do and is interconnected with everyone. That his behavouir was her karma and that she had a lesson to learn from that. Wow, think about that one. 

That was my ahha moment. I finally understood the concept that all of humanity/life, past, present, future, is like the ocean all rolling along together. We can be individual droplets of water but move together like the ocean in waves and that each change we make within our own lives has a calming or tumultuous effect on everything infinitum. That our past karma continues to effect for ever. GOSH !  I have to say I understood it intellectually before but now I feel it and see it.

Which brings me to forgiveness...... another post on this one but briefly:
I think there are two kinds of forgiveness, The kind that when you forgive you are also giving them another chance and the kind where you forgive but move on without them.

I think I can finish the picture now.   


  1. The 35 clearly doesn't refer to your birthday, nor your mental age...