Thursday, 27 November 2014

Result !

Our Intuitive workshop was a great success and I think everyone, including me, learnt a little more about paint application and working with colour. What became very obvious was that one should try to work on a large canvas. Anything smaller than 50x50cm rather limits the possibilities and lines become restricted. The wildly colourful paintings were a cheery sight inspite of the torrential rain outside. I would have liked to have taken this course out of the studio and into the sunshine but the weather wouldn't allow....typical as we are back in tshirts again today.
It was very rewarding to see the results when some of my students had never painted before. After a wary start everyone soon got the hang of layering paint on the canvas in a bold and confident way. 








Dance music on and away we go.

I think we will try and do these workshops once a month, Not only are they great fun but the donations go towards improving our studios and work spaces at The Mill Room. We have such a lovely atmoshpere in which to work and our little community of artists means we can constantly seek advise or bounce ideas off each other. It is a really energising place to work. 

Our next event is Winter Tales - our arty take on folk and fairy stories-starting on December 3rd. We will be open on Wednesday 3rd 6pm onwards for an evening viewing and to listen to the tales being read by Penny Evans. It will also be the start of our Christmas studio opening times. Everyone welcome.

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