Saturday, 8 November 2014

Inside The Studio

I am always interested in how other artists work, or at least in the environment in which they work. It's a real insight into their psyche. That's why I love open studios and encourage people to come to mine. I tend to work in a fairly messy way and don't clean up until a project is finished, but after the work is done I have to have a purge on tidying up. I can't start a new work until the studio is immaculate and I can start afresh.
These are the studios I have been working in over the last 10 years. All lovely airy spaces with lots of light. My current one at the Mill Room needs a little storage space but the space has great vibes.

If you are interested in reading about my artistic life before Gozo click HERE

A mixed media workshop in my studio.

Some famous studios. For more pics click
Work spaces of famous artists

Can you hazard as guess as to who's they might be ?

.... and for a really sneaky peek take a look at this Facebook page where artists paste their own pictures of work spaces....fascinating ! Click  A peek inside artists studios

We have been experiencing what it is like to be in the eye of a cyclone for the last 24 hours..... mad is the answer. Sadly I didn't get any photos of life inside a washing machine !
This was what is was like this morning down at san Blas after the storm had passed....absolutely beautiful. Searching for driftwood !

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