Friday, 14 November 2014

As The crow flies

How time flies... back again into November and the weather is still warm. It feels like a blustery English summer and I am dressed as if I was holidaying in Cornwall. Big warm jumper, scarf and shorts !
The light is fab at this time of the year and I just can't help taking pics on my evening walks.

A very lovely footpath that leads from Mgarr Harbour and along the cliffs to Xatt l-ahmar.

Numbers are growing at The Mill Room Studios and we now have a proper little community of artists, dreamers and healers. The next exhibition we are working on is called 'Six Winter Tales' Our art works will be based on folk or fairy tales and how we interpret them. I shall be working on a triptych on canvas....any guesses as to the cautionary tale ?   The exhibition will begin on 3rd December @ 6pm everyone welcome. 

The usual building up of layers to give texture then a layer of gesso before I start to paint.

Not yet finished, a few cautionary words to be added and some more detailing to be done.

I am itching to do a big abstract piece and have been trawling through a couple of books sitting on my shelf for inspiration. Both these books inspire to get out of a creative rut and just let the paint flow. So that will be my next project and I can't wait to get started. My 'unlocking creativity' workshop I ran in UK was loosely based on these ideas and I think I may revamp that workshop to fit in with my studio at The Mill Room. If you are interested just msg me on my facebook page. 

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