Sunday, 28 September 2014

Xatt L-Ahmar under the promise of a storm.

What a terrific couple of weeks at The Mill Room we have had. Plenty of people through the gates despite the holiday season beginning to slow down. We have 5 artists in residence now (with room for a few more) and all of us are using our new studio spaces to the full. I have been painting outside making use of the breeze blowing through the roof tops. The upper terrace is a lovely cool place to sit and paint.
The artists co operative is working well and it has created a lovely vibe for us all to work in. I love to sit with the others swapping ideas and putting the world to rights. Visitors like to join in. They come and explore the old building and chat to us as they wander about. our work is finding new homes in all corners of the globe, as far away as Australia, Canada, Japan and everywhere in between. We have a map that charts the migration of our work ! Something visitors are intrigued by.

My doors on wood have proved popular and I now need to scour the bays for more wood.. The painting below was taken from a wooden panelled window. Intricately carved sections all cobbled together to form a whole rather lopsided but beautiful window. Not quite finished ...

We still haven't had a decent downpour...a few showers over night but nothing more than to dampen the dust. On a Raffi walk to Xatt L-Ahmar the other day I managed to catch the stormy light. I was hopeful for it to materialise but it passed us by. 

Looking over to Malta

The fishermen's boat shacks kinda remind me of Essex , Maybe it was the colour of the sky !

 What a spot for a beach hut

Just love this tent perched on the cliff right above the sign that says 'No Camping' 

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