Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The winds of change

Living in a garage the Gozitan way !  It seems that everyone here lives in a garage....literally. Quite a lot of people actually live with their cars in the front room along side the sofa and kitchen units.. As I don't have a car I thought I would turn my garage into a living and studio space. It has been all change with my move and downsize from a very lovely  (but hideously cold and damp in the winter and noisy in the Summer) house over looking the bay to a something more suited to my life style. I have fabulous views of the cliffs from the roof a pretty courtyard at the back, perfect for Raffi and place that I am able do with as I please. I have to say it is a joy. A limited budget has dictated how it is furnished but I love the sparseness of that ! A lick of white paint to camouflage the grubby stone walls was a must , making the whole place much lighter and brighter. My foray into furniture making has resulted in a pallet sofa and coffee table on wheels ! 

My next attempt will be this !!! But without the wash basin.

The wind picked up yesterday and a welcome coolness with it. The weather has been unbearably hot and humid for the last month, that a little in the way of change is nice. It also means Raffi enjoys his early evening walks again. Of late all we could manage was a quick dash to the cliffs and into the water for a swim.

What a change in the sea, yesterday it was like glass. With the wind we expect storms and probably the onset of autumnal weather. .... and with it the flies ! hey ho we can't have everything. I am looking forward to the rains bringing a little greenness to the fields enabling me to start some plant dyed works again.

The perfect place for a good old fashioned sundowner G&T

A very lovely end to a very lovely day.


  1. Perfect! I LOVE your new garage. The pallet furniture is great and looks very chic. Clever you, Sarah! Gozo looks enchanting and I envy you being so close to the sea and having a breeze. I'm looking forward to Autumn now, much as I've loved the summer, cooler weather will be welcome. Enjoy your G&T xx

  2. Love it Sarah! :)

    If it wasn't for the whitewash we'd have identical coffee tables. :)

  3. love your new space, it looks so serene and light filled. your pallet furniture is fabulous!

  4. Thanks guys, I'm pretty happy in my new space.

  5. Oh my word you have moved... I've been without the internet for so long, I've missed your news.. Hope all is well with you Sarah..

    Our news is that we have moved to, into Falmouth, 5 minutes from the town and 5 minutes from the beach.. Perfect.

    Love and hugs from Cornwall.. x