Saturday, 6 September 2014

On a bit of an adventure

A weekly trip to Malta is not only a chance to buy things not readily available on Gozo but is also a voyage of discovery. There is so much to see on the Island. I am always on the lookout for secret places to gather organic material for my plant dyed papers. Swimsuit, snorkel and fins are always taken, just in case an inviting bay is happened upon. 
This week was no exception. I collected a couple of commissioned ceramic pieces (a birthday present to myself !) from Ta’ Qali , 

checked out ‘Krea’, Malta’s answer to Ikea...not ! Ate half of a pretty filthy lunch in Mellieha. When I told the waiter that I was less than impressed he said ‘Thank you madam, goodbye.’  !!!  On the way back to the ferry I took a detour down an unpromising winding lane. It took me through a very pretty fertile valley which ended in a bamboo plantation, opening out onto a spectacular view and a secluded bay. The tiny sandy beach into the sea looked inviting and an hour or so spent there more than made up for the disappointing meal ! 
I will certainly revisit the lush valley soon to gather material for my art work. 

Bamboo paper making is on my list of to do things for the winter.

Progress with the kitchen chest.

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