Tuesday, 29 April 2014

What's The Story Morning Glory

Some disappointing and some surprising results. The Palm bark had little or no effect except as a resist but the Castor oil plant leaves gave a really nice impression.

This morning's foraging was a little trickier than usual as the wild flowers on the cliffs are now few and far between. With the exception of St John's Wort , which has a penchant for growing precariously close to the edge, the only plants still looking healthy are the grasses. Beautiful as they are swaying in the wind, they give off very little in the way of dye.  A few morning glory and some cultivated flowers, I'm not sure of the name of, were added to the basket today.
Yesterday I tried some Palm bark which despite having a lovely rich colour, produces no dye. Th ever profuse Eucalypts are still in the mix, not only for the wonderful shades but their strong shape. The leaves of the Castor Oil plant give a surprising and lovely effect.

A glorious start to the day, with fine weather forecast for the rest of the week, I'm feeling it may almost be time to don the wetsuit and get into the water. 

A bay full of brightly coloured jellyfish.

Happy days. There isn't anywhere I would rather be, or need to be right now.

Where the St John's Wort lurks !

Island life is good today and every day.


  1. love your posts, admire your knowledge of wild flowers and the beautiful photography and art work!

  2. Aaaawwww thank you Karin :0)