Friday, 2 May 2014

Mgarr to Hondoq

I came across this koan the other day:

The teacher calls out, “Master!”

And answers, “Yes!”
“Are you awake?”
“Don’t be fooled by others!”
“No! No!”

I wasn't sure how it fitted with my life at the I just held onto it and carried it around with me.  John Tarrant writes very well on the subject of koans and remembering he had written an article on this particular koan, I looked it up.

'.....So far it all comes down to this. It’s the joke of life, a funny joke, not a bitter one. I have stepped off an edge and am falling, happily towards an outcome, like Alice down the rabbit hole. I can take marmalade jars off the shelves and look at the pictures as they go by but no decisions are needed. The universe is managing things and I imagine that I’ll emerge in a place that’s different from anything I might expect. I don’t have to listen for the call. The call comes and the response just appears, “Yes.” Unexpectedness is itself a kind of freedom. '

Suddenly on my walk today it all made sense...Who knows what will happen. Actually it doesn't matter. Just take the next step and live right now. Enjoy !

What a beautiful walk on a beautiful day. From Mgarr harbour to Hondoq and back again. The sea looks inviting but the wind is still a little chill. Planning on the wet suit, snorkel and fins next week ;0)


  1. What a beautiful place to live! I couldn't relax enough for more than a visit, I suppose I should work on that.

  2. The joy of this Island is that one can do as little or as much as one likes !

  3. Nice to hear from you Z :0) xx