Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Island Mantras

Wind Song  21st April  Wied Il Mielah   

Inspired by land artists like Andy Goldsworthy, Richard Long and Herman De Vries I have produced a series of works under the collective title of Island Mantras. I wanted to immerse myself totally into the island environment using the things about me to create my own version of Gozo.There are two different sets of work but both envelope the Island totally. Soaked in Essence series are a collection of works based on plant dyes and Wind Songs embrace the changing seasons. Sometimes these two elements cross over.

Soaked in Essence
Moments captured on my daily walks around the Island. The time and place is the essence of the walk. Each valley or Wied has a name and this is recorded on each finished piece. The results can vary hugely from week to week depending on the organic matter available. I collect seasonal flowers, leaves, barks, seeds and any other organic material that may lend it’s self to producing colour in a dye bath. Leaves and flowers are rolled into watercolour paper and through a long and complicated process, the subtle and unusual colours emerge. The dye is absorbed by the paper leaving wonderfully subtle prints. Mordants are used to vary the colour combinations and sea water and sea salt made at the Xweni salt pans are used in the dye bath too .Each one is original, different and unexpected. 

Wind Song   22nd April  Ta' Pinu   

Wind songs. 
The wind writes it's own song, sometimes laying marks over plant based dyed paper. Time and place specific, these works capture a brief and transient glimpse into Gozo.

Wind Song   23rd April   Wied Il Ghasri   

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