Sunday, 25 May 2014

Qala to Hondoq

The sun and moon are travellers in eternity. Even the years are wanderers. For those whose life is on the waters or leading a horse through the years each day is a journey and the journey itself is home.
Matsuo Basho

Raffi has decided to stay !  A trip to the vet for the once over and all is ok. It seems no one has come to claim him and he has settled in very well, as if he has always been with me. I am a great believer that people/animals come into your life for a the same way they leave for a reason. When people no longer are part of your story they leave. Think before you chase after them. 

The negative people are in your life for a reason too.They are usually there to teach you what you do not want to become, treat you how you don't want to be treated, and show you what you don't deserve. Embrace them, let them teach you, then let them go. 

Raffi is certainly giving me a reason to walk and on a lovely day for a walk from Qala down to Hondoq we went to collect some more seed pods and material to use in my eco dyeing. A view of Mgarr harbour over newly harvested hay fields.

Looking over to Comino.

The wind was really whipping up the waves in the channel. Hondoq is a lovely spot with it;s tiny beach and blue, blue water.

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