Saturday, 7 June 2014

Back to Blighty

I'm back to the Uk for a short while. Partly to see #1 child's degree show and partly to sort belongings and visit reli's. Before I do, I managed to fit in a couple of driftwood paintings.

Raffi is a great help.

A few finishing touches on this one , then into the gallery.

Raffi has found a new place to view the goings on in the bay. He will be in good hands while I am away, it's a shame it's such a palava to move animals around Europe.

If you are in Victoria this weekend, try and visit the new Mill Room Gallery, lots of art and crafts going on. Click on the link for info.


  1. I love the door paintings. They're a favourite subject for my photos.

  2. Love the new work, enjoy your visit back to the old country..

  3. I really like those, thank you. Blog party here on the 14th, don't suppose you're free, but you're most welcome if you are.

  4. Thanks guys....I love using driftwood and there is a wealth of doors here to use in as inspiration ! Ah a blog party...thanks Z for the invite but I will down in Devon at the weekend...what a shame it would have been good to see some old faces and catch up. Hope the weather is good for you, have fun xx