Friday, 27 December 2013

The importance of journaling

Normally I spend a great deal of time putting ideas down into a journal or sketch book, though I have been a little lax of late. I do feel it is of great importance to scribble things down. They don't have to be formal or neat, really just flashes of ideas. Something I have seen in a book that sparks a thought, a colour combination, a pattern or something of architectural interest. Anything really that I think might be useful. Another reason for keeping a journal is to keep a note of thoughts, things that will be useful in updating an 'artist's statement'. Why I paint or make the art I do, where my interest lies. How doe my art reflect the person I am etc etc.

Words play a very important role in my art, whether it is in the form of illegible calligraphy - José Parla is a great inspiration for that or the use of second hand books in my work. I love Book Art and Anna Mavromatis makes some stunning works incorporating recycled books and much more.

The stars on a clear dark night look like letters dancing in the sky. I can make up words that fit the astronomical shapes and this led to a thought about using words or letters on a page of an old paperback.

My map story, a thought about joining the dots of my life- It hasn't always been clear as to where my path is leading. I just need to take the next step. looking back I can see the map.
Benoit :  'We are terrified of 'ruining our lives'. In reality there is nothing to make a success of and nothing to spoil '

Single letters picked out to make a continuous flow. S E A . all the rest blacked out. In the next some seagull shapes swoop over the sea.

Stormy seas today.

Watercolours produce a swirling mess. By tearing the dried paper and then pasting into my book, the gap gives the impression of turbulent water. Just an idea !

I am still finding my feet here, maybe I never will. But nothing is wasted and in time all these notes will be useful material. Try keeping a journal yourself, it's fun apart from anything else.


  1. Love to read your blog;
    am starting a journal for my work, very interesting what you have to say about it!

    1. Thank you Karin.
      I have loads of ideas books...7 years worth ! and they go everywhere with me.

  2. Between all the chaos in my life at the moment reading your blog this morning has been a joy and truly inspiring.. Many thanks Sara.. ~ Julie... Just off to get my sketchbooks out, will take them with me to Truro on Monday..

  3. What a lovely thing to say, thank you Julie. I do hope all goes well for your little one in the coming months.