Wednesday, 4 December 2013

No Christmas shopping today.

You may well be wondering why I am not showing you any paintings....well.... I haven't done any, that's why. I still feel I need to immerse myself in the Island and the scenery before I can really feel what it means to me. The best way I know how to do that is to walk with a camera. That way I take take lot of pictures then when I get home sifting through them begins to gel it altogether and I get an idea of what I want.
Today I intended to walk the coastal path from Mgarr to Xlendi, about 10k. My '10 walks on Gozo' book suggested I followed a route that took me further inland than I wanted. So I ignored it and chose to follow my nose. Easy...keep the sea on my left and follow the path. Hmmm said path ran out some 2k past the turning 'inland'. I scrabbled my way over rocks as best I could but found that a particularly sheer drop prevented me from crossing a ravine. Rats, meaning I had to double back and follow the suggested path. At which point, hungry and with a sore toe (walking in wellies is not recommended but my walking boots are still in blighty) I gave up and rang for mountain rescue in the form of Pugwash. The last leg will have to wait for another day.

Malta in the distance.

Something to do with the Knights Templar, or at least this 17C tower was built on the spot of an earlier model.

The very charming inlet of Mgarr ix Xini reputedly a harbour used by the Knights galleys

Looking to Camino.

The only live stock I have spotted in the open air (an  EU directorate.) Apparently all livestock have to be under cover....! Like goats are not used to the heat...
All in all a lovely walk on a warm December morning, without a thought of Christmas shopping in my head.


  1. Oh dear, people who give up walking because of a sore toe. Whatever next?

    1. Yes I thought you pick up on that !! I did feel as if I was being a wimp but then I had no one to spur me on, plus I was hungry. Never a good combination. Think you would love these walks.

  2. indeed it looks like my kind of scenery.