Tuesday, 24 December 2013


Christmas is quite a different affair here in Gozo. None of the over merchandising and hard sell tactics, as seen in the UK. Such a refreshing change. It is a joy to be in a country that actually celebrates Christmas for the right reasons. There are seasonal popular tunes played in the streets of Victoria and the odd santa standing in the 18c sunshine but mostly the shop displays are low key and have only been visible for the last two weeks. (not since September). Every village has a nativity scene displayed in the square and pop up shops sell carved or sculpted nativity 'sets' for the home. Carols have been sung in the main square and there have been many other concerts for the public all over the island.  As a predominantly Christian country, Christmas is very much about a family celebration for one day only, giving thanks for the birth of Christ.....and frankly, that is how it should be. The overload and over indulgence we have to endure in the UK is sickening, Anyway enough of that. Rant rant !

My family have been out here with me this last week, and we were blessed with some fantastic weather. Even warm enough for a swim, well not me , but my children thought it was warm enough.
Sunsets are really fabulous here in Xlendi, as the bay faces west, and most fine evenings a walk up to the cliffs to view the setting sun, is a must.

Joy to you all and wishing you a very happy time with your families.


  1. fabulous pictures. wishing you much joy and wonderful adventures in your new life!

  2. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family, Sarah.

  3. Thank you both and best wishes to you too x