Tuesday, 16 June 2015

OMG Déjá vu

Today was a scary time-warp experience. I wrote the following post 3 years ago and today I relived it. As I  sifted thro' a barn full of belongings,,,, sigh...Sadly the box of trinkets destined for my children has been purloined by an unscrupulous individual but that is their karma, and mine that I have to live with out it.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Hoarding, we all hoard don't we? Physical stuff, the mountains of no longer used things we can't bare to throw away. What about all those 'ideas' and beliefs we hoard? All that mumbo jumbo that we hang onto for dear life, the baggage that we think defines us.
I have been pondering this notion of hoarding all week !

Mostly because it was my daughter's 21st birthday yesterday and I decided to give her, amongst other things,  a selection of jewellery that had been given to me on my 21st birthday. These items had been stashed away in a campaign box for at least 25 years, along with semi precious jewels my brother had brought back from India, ( I had long forgotten to have them made into something wearable)  a letter from my father when I was at school, a cigarette box of  cowry shells collected on a beach in Ireland. A photo booth pic of me with very short platinum blond hair, a Victorian mother of pearl cigarette holder and many other unlooked at trinkets. Daughter can sell them if she wants, to subsidise a trip to India, I don't need to hold onto them any more.

What about beliefs? preconceived ideas? do I need those any more? Does your mind look like our barn, full of clutter?
Buddhists feel that we should walk our path on this earth and when we leave...leave no trace. We are all so caught up in this idea that we should not be forgotten. Everyone wants to leave a mark....'don't forget me, I was important'....
Filling in the Census a few weeks ago, I pondered the religion question. What am I ? Christian?, Buddhist? I don't know. So I didn't put anything..... 'Now' ist, possibly, 'this moment' ist ....maybe !    The problem comes when the tag 'ist' or 'ism' is put onto a word.  It's suddenly weighted down with baggage, beliefs. Ideals. We become entangled with rules and regulations. Hmmm.

Anyway....my point is.... we do the same with art. We become entangled with our notions of what our art should look like. Frightened to stray far from the norm.
Not knowing is liberation.    Aaaaahh !


  1. Four years, even? I have been unhoarding over the last months and the amount of stuff that Russell had squirrelled away has shocked me. I still have a lot of stuff but I'm letting go of a lot.

    I am the least artistic person you could find - that is, I am an appreciative looker but in no way a doer. I'm frightened even to start, I don't know how to achieve even the norm.

  2. Hmmm yes, 4 years ! that is why I am a creative and not a mathematician Z .
    You clearly need to come out to Gozo to attend one of my intuitive painting workshops !