Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Dear oh dear

My inspiration comes from many different media and I like to collect lots of information and store it in an online scrapbook. Both Tumblr and Pintrest offer user friendly systems for this purpose and I use both for different reasons. If you would like to browse my sites, scroll to the bottom and follow the links. Tumblr is my fave online scrapbook and a very definate theme runs right through the  4 or 5 years I have been collecting like this. The colour theme is obvious and the subject matter too, supprisingly it is unintentional. They are words, photos, paintings, journals, hairstyles and clothes that appeal. It's where my heart is. I now find myself in a situation that will draw heavily on all this stored information. It's very much a lifestyle board.
Pintrest has a different vibe. Separate boards can be themed, and I use it to store specific information on different subjects. I use it like a 'how to do' scrapbook.

A friend is having a special birthday celebration this weekend at her stunningly designed farmhouse in Victoria. The theme (if you can naffly call it that) will be loosely based on an art participation party !  There will be an oportunity to add to a group creative artwork, a chance to have a bit of fun with fortune cards and much more. She has specifically asked that if anyone felt the need to bring a gift, that it should be either found or made by the giver.  What a lovely idea, so much more personal than a bought present. Today I have been working on that and have just about finished my gift !
Very very loosely based on something way back in the archives of my mind (and my Tumblr site) I turned some palm bark and cactus fibre into Gozo inspired deer antlers. The inspiration, a carved buffalo skull, is the last picture !

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