Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Gozo Art Trail

There are a host of small galleries and artisan shops dotted around the old city, tucked down the shady cobbled streets. Most day tourists rarely venture off the well trodden paths made by the tour guides or make it past the bustling main sq. I thought I would make it easier for visitors by highlighting the art galleries and artisan outlets on a map. Not a difficult thing to do, it’s not rocket science but it seems no one else has bothered.  At the moment I have just concentrated on Victoria It would be really nice to have an art trail or open studios map of the whole Island.  I hope to get an official body interested and possibly get some funding for flyers.There are so many artists living and working from home. A winter job probably. Sometimes the public are intimidated by a gallery space and would feel more inclined to chat to working artists in their own studio space. Anyway, if there are any artists, craft makers out there interested in the idea please contact me via my facebook page.

Click on the map below for an interactive tour !

We have the feast of Santa Maria coming up in a couple of weeks which is the biggest festival on the Maltese Islands and most large businesses and factories shut down for the annual holiday. All those who own holiday houses on Gozo (and many more who do not) make the 20 min ferry ride over to this tiny Island for the middle two weeks of August. Not only will Gozo be heaving but a very unusual weather front is forecast. Extremely hot weather is being pushed up from Africa and we are forecast to fry in temperatures well into the 40’s c +. The days when I am not in the gallery I expect I will be avoiding the hoards and heat and spending them in the comparative cool inside. When the weather is that hot painting is difficult as the paint dries so quickly, it has to be done a little at a time, so I don’t expect to get much down in that time. Other things to do.....
I have a new project in the pipe line; furnish an apartment with upcycled pallets and anything else I can lay my hands on, on a shoe string. Something along these lines !!!

I have the pallets already and waiting, I have a few tools and much enthusiasm. There has been a sucking in of breath from a few concerned friends about my carpentry skills ... pah how difficult can it be  ? Wait and see.

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