Monday, 21 July 2014

Not much to do with art

The sea was like a mill pond this morning, not a ripple. It amazes me that such a vast expance of water can be so still. Down the steep hill to Xatt l-ahmar and on to Ras il hobz Raffi raffi raced. Zig zagging across the path to chase things scurrying through the fields. The sun still watery and cool at this time of the morning.

It's a bad time of year for my eco prints, the ground is so parched and the little vegetation still hanging on has not much to offer in dye. It would be nice to have an alternative 'Land Art' to work on at this time of year. Collecting grasses perhaps.

The view over to Camino was so serene.

By the time we had had a swim (Raffi is still a little reticent) the sun was up and I could feel its' heat already. Into the gallery this morning, finish a painting and then another swim me thinks.


  1. I envy you being so close to water - how lovely to be able to swim before going to the studio. Heaven. Beautiful photos, Sarah. I hope that you are very happy in Gozo xxx

  2. :0) Yes it's lovely here Lottie x