Thursday, 7 April 2016

Studio 38

So we are finally there. The process has taken very nearly a year from start to finish. Our initial application to have a space at Ta' Dbiegi Craft Village was put in at the end of May last year. As it is a government run scheme the application had to go through an extremely lengthy and drawn out process. Filling in the 20 page long application form itself was a mammoth task. The same form incidentally as if we had wanted to start a tomato canning factory !  
Anyway we are there and set up. There is a shortage of available units and so in order to get a foot in the door, an angel in the form of Beryl Bugeja made us an offer to temporarily share her space. So while we await our own unit we are part of The Candle Maker !  Have a look at what Beryl makes, not just candles.
Our very dear and long suffering friend and wood turner Paul Singleton did all the woodworking jobs we needed. We hope to showcase a few of his very beautiful bowls in the near future too. Click on his name and go to his FB page to see his work.

STUDIO 38  has it's own website and blog. Click on the link to see what we are up to. I will still continue to put a monthly post here to keep all up to date with current work but I will also be posting on the new website. You can also follow us on FB

All our artworks are made by either Petra or me using where possible recycled materials. I will show some more detailed samples of work soon.

Looking through from Beryl's Candle shop to Studio 38. We still have a little finishing off to do around the entrance..

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