Friday, 30 October 2015

It's a boro (ed) thing

I can feel a winter of sewing coming on. I have a desire to make a textile panel using the ancient Japanese folk cloth idea of patching and mending old textiles called boro. You can read a bit about boro here. Shabby textiles became works of art, the more stiched and mended it became the more interesting the fabric. Sashiko stitching on the antique boro fabrics became an art form and in true wabi sabi style these old textiles became precious.
Anyway I am going to have a go myself. The backing is an old fine egyptian cotton sheet and the patches are scraps of linen and cotton. Some with embroidery and old lace pieces made here on Gozo. It may take months to finish but the winter here is just the time to do this.

First day's work

Some of my boro skirts can now be found in my Etsy Shop

I will be adding some of my small paintings on here soon too.

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