Saturday, 15 August 2015

Chicken memories

Santa Marija, mama mia !    For two weeks in August the whole of Malta is on holiday, 90% (slight exaggeration but you get my drift) of them come to Gozo for the biggest festa of the year. Two weeks of fireworks and celaebration culminates in this weekend. The highlight for me is a small agricultural show. Not quite the Royal Suffolk but a pretty good turn out of all the local breeders and jam makers.
I used to love the shows in the UK, the kids were always very excited about the unusual animals and birds on show. We usually found something to take home. As a result we had many chickens, ducks, ferrets etc on the farm. It was  joy this morning to kind of relive that. My daughter used to keep a diary of the many chickens we had, she called it 'Chicken memories' and it was full of their unusual names, feathers, photos and descriptions. Joy.

 Held in the Villa Rundel gardens in Victoria.

There were prizes for the best jams, fruit, veg, basket making, wine making, traditional tools and all the things you would expect a farming community to produce. There was also an art exhibition with paintings on many different subjects. 
These two caught my eye, first and second prize in what I can only think must be the 'Weird subject matter' category !!

Lots of livestock competitions and much disputing over the prize winners. 
All good fun. 

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