Monday, 13 April 2015

All in a daze work

I have recently been reading 'Me & Rumi' by William Chittick. The autobiography of 
Shams-i Tabrizi. A collection of translated works from the 12C manuscripts. A very enlightening read about these two friends. Sometimes the text is somewhat hard going and takes a little bit of concentration but well worth the effort ! 

My latest sketchbook/journal is based on making marks. An upcycled hard back novel, a little gesso and hey presto a very useful and cheap way of putting down idas. Making different marks is very much how I build up my paintings in layers. So I thought a record of all the types I use would be good to have in one place. Plus it sparks ideas for new ones. Here's a few ideas.

Words by Rumi.

Paper on paper

Scraps of watercolours on Gold pen.

Pen on acrylic over book page. Indira's net.

Leaves painted stuck onto acrylic.

Acrylic and gold pen exposing circles of book pages.

Leaf prints.

Leaf prints.

Metalic paint on acrylic.

Metalic paint and ink on acrylic.

Rust marks on silk.

Incense stick burn marks

Fragments cut from a larger collage.

Sewn tea bags.

A Good Friday hike up the 14 stations of the cross. The weather was fitting for a sombre day.

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