Saturday, 18 October 2014


 My plant dyed paper project incorporated the essence of Gozo. A little part of this island deeply embedded in the paper. I look forward to the rains bringing the earth alive again after the heat of the Summer so that I can start on some new work.
In the meantime I am working on a mixed media project. Elements of Gozo.  A series of small works on the same sized boards depicting, in rather abstract form, the elements that I feel describe the island best..

The parched earth of Summer

The fire in the beautiful sunsets

The fierce electrical storms 

The sea, within which this jewel of an island is held

....And the lush green of the hillsides when nourished by rain

A birthday treat and a picnic on the tiny island of Comino. We took a little boat over the water to the even smaller island sitting between Malta and Gozo. Much visited by day trippers, the famous Blue Lagoon is busy and sadly rather over done. So we took the boat further around the coast to the little bay of Santa Maria. The perfect place to spend the day lying on the sand on the edge of the water. Nothing to disturb the silence except the lapping of the waves. Glorious.

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