Thursday, 13 March 2014

Immersing myself in Gozo

The wild flowers are in abundance at the moment and the hills look so green and pretty. This is such a lovely Island and I feel very happy to be here. My daily dog walks are combined with flower collections. I am persevering with the Eco dyeing and just trying out various combinations of flowers and mordants. Some work better than others and some surprising results ensue, My main aim with this project is to immerse Gozo into my paintings and work, through natural dyes, sea water and the wind.

Down the hill from Xaghra.

Some flowers are too delicate to boil, so an overnight freeze breaks down the cells sufficiently to release colour in luke warm water.

Tiny floral bundles.

Such a variety of flora.

The tougher and stronger plants can be boiled for 2 hours.

Laying the flowers in the paper.....

...and tying up with string.

Crocosmia in a ferous sulphate mordant produce this wonderful effect.

Tiny crimson flowers release a blue dye and fuchsia coloured clovers give a brownish tinge.
There is just no knowing what will appear, which is half the fun.

A yellow buttercup like flower on an already stained paper.

'March 1st - 8th   in Xlendi Bay' :

'March 6th, Gold on Ta' Cenc walk'

Some more driftwood found in the bay drying out and getting ready for me to work on. 

Ta' Nikol Art Gallery has re opened it's doors after a sleepy winter hibernation. Beginning with two days a week, Monday and Friday. Open all week from April. You can find us down a little back street behind St George's Basilica in the heart of Victoria. Not only will you find some of my driftwood work in there but also Richard Bourne's fab geometric work and Oliver Cook's pen and ink drawings of local scenes.....So come on down, I'll be in there Mondays and Richard on Fridays for this month. More details on the gallery to follow.

What a view, this is my 8am chilled dog walk...a little stone balancing and a walking meditation to start the day.

And to end the day....


  1. Looks like one long holiday - as life should be.

  2. Beautiful, Beautiful stuff and what a fabulous place you are living in. It all looks so green! Wel jel of the sea and the shorelines, I do miss that. Great to see your work, Sarah xxx

  3. I love that you are embracing the local materials. The results looks lovely. It sounds like an artful life!

  4. I do feel I am now beginning to understand Gozo and hope that some interesting work will emerge.