Monday, 13 January 2014

Trust the process

A few more journal sketches. Doors are so lovely to draw, ( these are very quick ten min. scribbles) I love the wrought iron arched windows above the doors. I'm not sure of the history behind them. Obviously, to let some light in, but I'm not sure why the infinite variety of decoration. Anyway they are very pretty.

The countryside is lush right now. The rain has really brought on the growth. There is wild rocket growing in abundance and other pretty yellow flowers edge the path. I understand April is the month to visit for a display of wild colour. I shall look forward to that.
I have been thinking how to capture the individual plants without a painting looking like a botanical print.

A few sketches in a naive style seem to fit the bill, so I shall try a couple of paintings along this theme.

Espradrilles  on 13th Jan can't be bad !

I have been revisiting some work done in Essex. The colours are so muted, lovely and beautiful in their own khaki way. 

so different to here. I'm very much trusting the process as far as finding my arty feet here on Gozo. I spend much time sketching and scribbling in the hope it will all come together ! I haven't felt brave enough to start on a canvas yet ....

Trusting the process is explained quite nicely HERE


  1. So lovely to see your sketches! I love work done on printed pages. And so interesting about the palette of England and what palette will develop in your new home. The west coast of Canada has a similar climate to England, and someone referred to our palette as kind of "bruised". I thought this was an apt observation. So much fun to let yourself be carried by "process" as opposed to imposing of will on it, which we so often are anxious to do! I hear and see you embracing a new "pink footed" life!

    1. Yes, I am very much feeling my way. I do feel as if I am starting from scratch but that's ok. Thre is an awful lot of 'sitting' in the sun going on. (both in a Zen and lazy way !)