Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Into the light

I came across this lovely poem and it stirred a thought, how do I view happiness?

How I Would Paint Happiness 

by Lisel Mueller

Something sudden, a windfall,
a meteor shower. No -
a flowering tree releasing
all its blossoms at once,
and the one standing beneath it
unexpectedly robed in bloom,
transformed into a stranger
too beautiful to touch

I would probably paint it something like this:

'Into the light' was a painting I did a couple of years ago, inspired by a trip to North Africa. It epitomizes all that I hold dear. The exotic quiet stillness and a sense of place. An air of mystery, conjured up by the old wooden door covered in barely legible script, leading to where? A figure in robes, the shaft of sunlight hinting at a hot climate.
This painting was bought by a lovely couple living in Brightlingsea, I think they got the jist of what I was about, so I am very happy that it has gone to a good home. 

How would you paint happiness ?

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